Exporting Revit Families to DWG

To help share your Revit files to other CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, Revit has some export tools to help the process; The DWG files for projects are layered well but when it comes to your custom Families there are a few tricks worth knowing to generate useful AutoCAD Files.

A common question is how to remove the back-plane we see in the families before exporting to DWG. This back-plane is the Host geometry that a family is built on so that it orientates itself correctly when used in a Revit Project, but in an AutoCAD drawing these host back-planes actually gets in the way and are not required. In this Revit video you can learn some techniques to resolve this back-plane issue, plus some other exporting tools that can help you create good quality AutoCADs' DWG files from your Revit Families.

We recommend that you watch the video below in 720p HD resolution or watch it on our YouTube page for the best quality.

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