Extending Wall Layers in Revit

When we alter the height of a wall in Revit each component (or ‘Layer’ to use the correct terminology) of the wall is extended, if this is what we intended, fine. But on occasion we might want to extend individual Layers. This blog will explain how it’s done.

Example wall with the plaster ‘Layer’ extended.

The construction of a wall is determined by the walls ‘Type’, so this is where we should start. Select the wall you want to modify, select the’Edit Type’ button, this will display the walls ‘Type Properties’ dialogue where we will be able to edit the walls ‘Structure’.

The ‘Edit Assembly’ dialogue appears and this is where the clever stuff happens.

Most likely, the preview shown above will not be visible, we have to turn it on,(select the Preview button) which in turn will display the wall horizontially, we will have to display the wall vertically if we want to extend the walls ‘Layers’ (note, the ‘Modify’ button is greyed out when the wall is horizontal). So to give us the option to activate the ‘Modify’ button change the preview to ‘Section:Modify type attibutes’. Select the ‘Modify’ button and use your mouse middle button to zoom into the walls top or bottom, whichever you want to change.

Each of the walls edges will hightlight as you hover over them, select the edge you want to extend which will display a Padlock graphic, by default it will be shown locked, select the icon to unlock. That's it. You have now given yourself the opportunity to extend that ‘Layer’ up or down. Exit both dialogue boxes by picking ‘Ok’.

You can now extend the plaster ‘Layer’ with either the highlighted grip or the ‘Base Extension Distance’ value.

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