Fabrication CADmep modelling using ‘Takeoff as Cut-In’

With most things in life there are more than one way of doing things and CADmep is no exception. Rather than using the attacher arrow to input components (read about that by clicking the arrow below), we will in this article look at using the ‘Takeoff as Cut-In’ function. This is particularly useful when you wish to add inline components into an existing run, for example a volume control damper part way along a duct.

fabrication cadmep

As you will see in the screenshot below, we have some ductwork which incidentally was modelled and converted in Revit 2018, then imported as a job file into CADmep. But that’s for a different article!

The first step is to find the component you wish to add - in this case we are going to place a silencer. Once you have identified the component you will then right click on it, and you will see the option for ‘Takeoff as Cut-In’ as below.

fabricaton cadmep modelling 2

Once you have activated the command you then select the duct you wish to add the item into, and you then get to position it along the run.

fabrication cadmep modelling 3

If you have any queries relating to Fabrication CADmep then please give us a call, or send us a request for more information now:

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