Fabrication CADmep ‘Swap In’ Feature

In an ideal world, once things were drawn they wouldn’t change. We know that not to be the case. So rather than delete and start again a useful feature in Fabrication CADmep is ‘Swap In’, which allows you to substitute a component or fitting in your drawing for an equivalent from your services palette.

Once you have identified the component you wish to replace you will need to find its replacement on the services palette, right click on it as per the screenshot below. You then hover over ‘Swap In’ and click on the sub menu. In this example I’m going to swap the inline blade Volume Control Dampers with the opposed blade equivalent.

Replacement Component Services Palette

Once you have begun the command you now need to select the item to be swapped out on the screen and the following dialogue box appears to which you will need to check the details like size etc., before you continue.

Round VCD Opposed Dialogue Box

Once you click ‘OK’ you will get the following option.

Fabrication CADmep Swap In Confirmation

Yes - Will substitute all like components in your drawing with the new option.

No - Substitutes one initially, but still allows you to manually swap the others by clicking on them one by one.

Here I’ll click ‘Yes’ and the results are as below.

Fabrication CADmep Swap In Results

I hope this article has been useful. If you’re looking for more knowledge and tips then check out our other blog posts.

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