Fixing Shared Parameter File Gone Bad

shared parameter file gone bad revit autodesk fix tutorialIn a recent technical support call one of our clients was having a real scheduling issue where selected parameters reported information from some families but not others even though all families had the same available parameters!

How could this be happening, he was tearing his hair out and up against a deadline.

This problem was the result of badly used Shared Parameter files in the families that he had downloaded from a manufacturers web site.

So even though it was not the clients’ fault, he needed to know how to cope with these badly behaving families without taking out a restraining order.

The reality is, that whenever we download content for our projects there is no guarantee the families will work as we would expect. “You pay your money and take a chance” and considering they were probably free, we get what we pay for!!

Discovering why families don’t work the way we expect can be challenging as there are many control aspects that can impact their behaviour and with this problem even Revitiers with Family Creation experience may not be familiar in this deeper component about Family Parameters; GUIDs.

In this tutorial, we will explore the why and how to fix it; after reading this article you should have an understanding about;

  • What a Shared Parameter is.
  • What a GUID is.
  • How to combine parameters in a schedule and
  • The recommend best practice for using Shared Parameter files.

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