Free Revit Plug-ins for COBie and more

The Free COBie Plug in for Revit 2017 is now available, but from a different place, it has moved to the BIM Interoperability Tools website. This useful resource site is now owned by Autodesk and in addition to the COBie tools we can find 3 other powerful BIM control tools for free.

From the main home page, we can find links to:
• Autodesk COBie Extension for Revit
             o Where there are plugins for Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
• Autodesk Model Checker for Revit
             o Here we have download link for Revit 2017 and all the way back to version 2013.
• Autodesk Model Checker Configurator for Revit
• Autodesk Classification Manager
             o Also for Revit 2017 through to version 2013.

This array of add-ins, developed by Autodesk, will enhance your Revit software and make it quicker to meet your BIM compliances. So briefly what these tools offer is the ability to classify your modelled elements, export data for operations and maintenance, or use it for sustainable design.

Let’s explore these free tools in more detail.

COBie Extension

The main plug-in that most of us will initially go for will the Cobie Extension, familiar ground as a standard that we are requested to meet and as before this free tool will allow you to set up your Revit models to capture data and then export that data to a COBie compliant spreadsheet.

Briefly, the Construction Operations Building information exchange format is a standard for taking data from a BIM model for use in O&M applications; that’s the plan but for more information about COBie the BIM Task Group website is a good resource.

Model Checker

Offers tools to define project standards for BIM compliance or this could just help with ‘contractual compliance’. The Model Checker uses templates and there are many built it but there are currently 30 sample checking templates that can be used for more specific concerns.

Once checker templates are setup the Autodesk Model Checker automatically checks the Revit model for the standards defined and reports back a pass or fail across a wide range of checking conditions.

Model Checker Configurator

This program is not a Revit plug-in, hence why no version numbers were listed, but it generates files that are specifically used by the Revit Model Checker. Whilst the Model Checker can be defined within its’ own templates, these options however may not be enough for your projects requirements and this is where the Model Checker Configurator comes into play as it offers a greater depth of control and configurability that once set, you can output a configuration file that the Model Checker plug-in can then use.

Autodesk Classification Manager

As time has gone by and we share more model information, not just drawing files, in an attempt to control the data or organise it into defined types, different standards have been emerging and this in itself is causing confusion or compliance issues as so many standards are being proposed; on top of this, classification of components needs to be done efficiently, in time with agreed crucial drop points and so to ease this issue Autodesk provides a tool to help us manage this data.

The Classification Managers primary purpose is to add classifications to Revit elements quickly by making use of the definitions as issued by the following standards:

• OmniClass
• UniFormat
• MasterFormat
• UniClass

The standards that these define can be mapped to the Revit categories and customised further if required. The generated data is actually stored inside the Revit file so it stays with the file as it is passed around to different project contributors and this helps maintain consistency of our key data.

And Finally...

This set of tools is available from one easy web portal so for more information and the download links head on over to the BIM Interoperability Tools website.

For an overview of BIM we have a presentation that highlights features and useful resources that could help you with your BIM discovery and implementation: The BiM Webinar.

In order to get the best out of BIM it is important to have a proper plan, so it is worth looking at our BIM Implementation Services, which will get your company ready for the challenge. For other information, please contact us now.

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