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Every building or facility is about the Quality of how we build it and the Quality of how we deliver it. If we monitor and identify where risks to Quality may occur before they become a road block and resolve them quickly, we stand a much better chance of meeting our Quality objectives.

As in past posts, we are taking a look at ‘Reducing Risk’ using Autodesk BIM 360 Field (B3F). The topic for this post from the ‘Ring of Risk’ is Quality.

BIM 360 Field Reduce Risk Image The Ring of Risk

In order to measure Quality as an objective, we need to know how many Quality related issues, snags or observations there are. Using that as a metric (quantity) and B3F as a means, we can measure this metric through the project. Quite simply, the lower the metric the better the quality should be.

Using B3F to track where Quality issues occur and why they occur, gives us insight to resolving them but also preventing similar occurrences in the future. B3F provides all of the functions necessary to deliver a Quality product at the end of the Project. Consider that we can measure the Quality of the subcontractors and use the information from B3F to advise on potential training requirements or workmanship concerns. We can also measure companies with the most Quality concerns and how quickly each company responds and resolves.

As always with B3F, we are trying to ‘Reduce the Risk’ of Quality problems and roadblocks occurring by keeping accurate accounts of potential risks. We could also put in a ‘plug’ here for LEAN Construction but we will save that for another day. Quality always figures in the reputation of designers and builders. Implementing B3F early in a project could give you the Quality edge for future projects.

Good Quality = Satisfied Customer, which is the topic of the next post.

This is the fifth in a series examining risk reduction with BIM 360 Field. Head over to my blogger profile to read my other BIM 360 Field blogs. 

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