GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit - 3D View

3D View – Level Displacement

Revit has a good tool called Displacement Element which allows a user to displace selected elements in a 3D or perspective model, when one or more model elements are selected. Displacement views are a good way to illustrate the model and the relationship between model elements, and help see how the pieces fit together.

We have enhanced that tool a little bit further with the option to do it by level and Revit actually doing it for you without the user having to select any elements. Using the Level Displacement tool you can simply click the icon and it will do the rest.


After you visualize each level, you can easily reset the split 3D view using the Reset all Displacements option.

3D View – 3D View for Each Level

So you can make a 3D view orient to a plan view (e.g. ground, first, second floor etc.) but you have to do them individually and that can take some time.

Using the 3D View for each Level tool it will automatically create 3D views for all the levels in your project.


When you run the command you just need to select the base view and you can even define a top and bottom offset for the 3D views.



3D View – Auto Section Box

A new feature for Revit 2016 was the Selection Box which isolates selected items and creates a 3D view of them in the default 3D.

Again we have enhanced this tool a little bit further with Auto Section Box tool with the option to select the 3D view to use as default, even allowing the users to select an offset distance and being able to duplicate the view.


Interested in watching the tutorial for '3D View'? Then follow the link to go to our Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit 2016 blog post.


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