Graitec Design & Vis VR project for Mabey

Here at Graitec we were asked by one of our existing customers Mabey to create a VR presentation. The proposed use for the Virtual Reality experience was to support Mabey's attendance at the IMESA 2017 event in Gauteng, South Africa . Mabey wanted to showcase VR on its stand, so that customers would be able to interact with their bridges first hand.

design vis mabey 1

For the first part of the project, Mabey provided Graitec with map data, which showed the location of the bridge on the globe. We used this information to generate a 3D model of the terrain using Autodesk Infraworks. This was then converted to an FBX that we optimised in 3ds Max for use in game engine technology. The workflow was Infraworks – 3ds Max – Game Engine (3ds Max Interactive or Unreal Engine).

We were given access to 3D models of the two bridges Mabey wanted to feature in the Autodesk Inventor format. The two bridges were the Mabey Delta™ and the Mabey C200™. This meant that we needed to calculate a way of easily jumping between two scenes that featured the two bridge designs. To do this, we used a button system on a heads-up UI built into the controllers. This gave the user the ability to select which bridge they wanted to view at the touch of a button. Another feature was the teleporter, for giving the user full freedom to explore the bridges at 1:1 scale.

design vis mabey 2

Graitec VR essentially gave Mabey two full scale bridges in a box that could be viewed through their new HTC Vive Virtual Reality headgear. Mabey can now take these bridges anywhere in the world and allow potential customers to immerse themselves in their 3D Designs. This technology is the future and here at Graitec VR we can take any 3D model you have, and create bespoke VR experiences.

Find out more about the groundbreaking work the Graitec Virtual Reality Services team carry out, and how they can help you. For any other enquiries, please send us a message now:

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