Graitec Design & Vis Water and Wastewater Treatment System project for Richard Alan Engineering

Recently Graitec Design and Vis was commissioned for an important project - to complete an animation for Richard Alan Engineering. The brief was to show the process and methodology of how water is treated within a bespoke pump system, which is a modular range of equipment for chemical preparation, storage and dosing, used in the treatment of water.

Richard Alan Engineering provided us with the brief, with the key points they wanted to show in the animation. The main purpose for this animation was for use in marketing material to help sell the pump system to potential customers.

We then had to gain a deeper understanding of their system using the documentation provided.

design vis richard alan 1

The client provided us with an Inventor mechanical model of the treatment system,  which we converted to a mesh from a solid by importing into 3ds Max. We now had the ability to start animating the moving parts of the mechanical model.

One of the bigger challenges was to create a cut away section to show the inner workings of the system, and the fact that the pump used water raised some issues of how best to portray this. In the end, we used a combination of 3ds Max and After Effects to create the water simulation, and the client was very happy with the results.

design vis richard alan 2

This was a complex project that used a range of skills, including file conversion, 3D animation, rendering techniques, file management and post production to assemble the multiple image sequences, applied to the thousands of frames required for such a project. By using cutting edge visualisation and animation techniques, we were able to create an impressive result in accordance with the pre-defined client deadline.

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