Great Content to Streamline your Autodesk Inventor Project

Sometimes, during an Inventor project, you’ll catch a lucky-break that will end up saving you (and your customers!) hours; this is one of those occasions:
As part of the many facets offered by the Professional Services team here at Graitec, we provide the service to create for customers high-quality, BS8888-compliant drawing packs for your prototype manufacture & project work.

During one of these such recent projects, I was required to use the “Torx” family of fixings, or to give them their official name: “Hexalobular socket pan head screws”. For those that don’t know, these are the kind of bolt that has a head/driver pattern that looks like this:

torx family fixing inventor

If you look hard enough online you can find the rough specifications:

google torx family specifications

Which is great if you have the time to piece the necessary shape of this family of parts together. All-told, there are around 10 different British Standards available for the shape(s) of the fixings available with this driver-pattern and a further, separate standard that governs the shape of the driver itself.

Download the tutorial by filling the form below and learn how to download and import key Autodesk Inventor content to speed up your design process. Do not forget to check out our Inventor training courses to develop or refresk your modelling skills.

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