Gymworks Design Visualisation - 3D Walkthrough for Precor

Here at Graitec professional services we were commissioned to complete a 3D walkthrough for Precor. Precor are one of the world’s largest providers of gym equipment and we have worked with them on many projects. This project was particularly interesting as the interior design features made for a modern look with coloured lighting. The use of hanging strip lights also produced an interesting look. We also included large neon lettering to depict the different areas of the gym. This was a big visualisation project with lots of gym kit included. Other notable features are the running track, Queenax frame and spinning room.

gymworks precor flythrough design visualisation interiors

The main reason for creating such a flythrough is to see how the equipment will look in the space before its built. The video and still images can be used for marketing material and put on flyers, websites and advertising campaigns. This gives potential members a first look of how the new gym will look before they join.

We used our tried and tested formula to create the flythrough. Starting with the 2D CAD plan provided by Precor and photos of the empty building. The next step is to start modelling up from the CAD plan in 3D utilising Autodesk 3DS MAX to create all the necessary building features. Once all the site was built in 3D we added in the photometric lights compatible with the mental ray render engine and made sure things like exposure levels were correct.

The 2D CAD plan provided by Precor includes the positions of all the gym equipment so we follow that to the letter.

gymworks precor flythrough design visualisation interiors 2

Once the client has approved the proof images and preview animation we start the rendering process. As this was such a large project all the frames took over a week to render on our render farm. When animating you must bear in mind that to create one second of footage you will need to render 25 frames, if they take one hour per frame its 25 hours on one machine just for that one second!

gymworks precor flythrough design visualisation interiors 3

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