Have You Considered Factory Design Suite? Ten Reasons To Make The Move

factory-design-suite-2014-badge-200pxFactory Design Suite’s a relatively new proposition from Autodesk, produced to help you design and communicate the most efficient manufacturing layout by creating a digital factory model. With Factory Design Suite you can quickly evaluate what-if layout scenarios to determine the best solution before any equipment is installed.

So if your AutoCAD product’s being used by manufacturing, industrial or facilities engineering departments, or to lay-out manufacturing equipment, Factory Design Suite may be a better buy. Equally, if you’re looking to upgrade your current AutoCAD to the latest release, Factory Design Suite may provide you with more bang for your buck.

In its most basic sense, Factory Design Suite is a purpose-built solution for layout. It has features that go beyond the AutoCAD you’re using today that may help you reduce errors and design more efficiently.

Here are the top ten reasons to move from AutoCAD, to Factory Design Suite.

1. Purpose Built for Layout – automate your workflow and work up to 50% faster with purpose built factory layout tools.

2. 3D Visual Layout – create compelling 3D visual layout to easily communicate your ideas and gain a competitive advantage.

3. Factory Asset Library – get access to a wide range of parametric factory content for easy placement in your layout.

4. Factory Asset Builder – create your own customer assets or add supplier content with built in intelligence that allows easy placement into your layout environment.

5. Material Flow Analysis – analyse your layout for efficient material flow and get insight into Machine Utilisation and Energy Consumption.

6. Facility Design – efficiently create your facility designs in a fraction of the time using purpose built commands and a focused environment.

7. Automated Documentation – automatically create associative installation drawings for your layout that automatically update with changes to your design.

8. Clash Detection – save time and money by identifying clashes before equipment is installed and commissioned on the factory floor.

9. High Quality Renderings and Animations – create immersive presentations and bring your factory to life to wow your client and collaborate easily with stakeholders.

10. Low Cost of Ownership – eliminate the complexity of your purchase process and save over 50% on MSRP price by switching to the Autodesk Factory Design Suite. Single comprehensive solution from a single vendor.

Below are a couple of videos that will help you get feel for Autodesk Factory Design Suite and allow you to see how it may benefit your business.

Material Flow Analysis

Laser Scanning Workflow in Inventor

Autodesk Factory Design Suite delivers a focused solution for factory layout, at an affordable price, and from a single vendor.

For more information you can call us on 023 8086 8947 or simply request a quote.

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