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Autodesk Announces Industry Collections

Autodesk Industry CollectionsAutodesk’s announcement regarding the release of Autodesk Industry collections will have certainly caught the eye of existing users and also competitive software vendors alike.

It does not seem that long ago that Autodesk surprised the industry with the announcement of Autodesk Design Suites which many a sceptic questioned in the early days.

Who on earth would use that much software?

Step forward to today however and it is an altogether different story. Adoption of the suites grew rapidly, project requirement changed (especially with the adoption of BIM) and it is now the norm for users to happily delve into multiple software titles if only to take advantages of selected functionality.

With the announcement of the Autodesk Industry Collections, Autodesk will deliver even greater value to its existing base as well as delivering a further and very disruptive blow to the CAD software industry as a whole.

Whilst many competitors are sitting on the fence to see where the tide turns, Autodesk have shown they are clearly hot on the trail of Adobe in delivering a true CAD software consumption model whether it be via Autodesk Industry Collections or through their cloud based Fusion 360 offering.

Will a one size fits all solution fit all? I doubt it but Autodesk have plenty of flexibility for users still wishing to gain access to individual software titles.

On a more serious note though the Perpetual License model still seems to be the most competitive option for businesses that don’t need or want to go down the collections or subscriber route at this point but the doors to this licensing model are closing fast.

I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with your account managers if you have any questions before the effective July 29th cut off (I can’t see Autodesk opening for weekend orders) because past that point Perpetual licensing will no longer be an option.

Good Bye and farewell Design Suites and a big hello to Autodesk Industry Collections.

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