Here I go again talking aMove them to the cloud - clientsbout the cloud but with its many advantages I just can't help it!

So you've more than likely made the commitment to using Autodesk Software and as part of your Autodesk Subscriptions have also discovered the power of the cloud and your included Autodesk 360 cloud services.

As an additional plus Autodesk 360 includes excellent functionality for collaborating, increasing productivity and saving money in your operation but there are those that still aren't comfortable and may have concerns with cloud based technology.

This group of people can vary from business to business but it could be your clients, partners, colleagues or senior management which can often mean that your benefits from the cloud are greatly reduced but working with these people to ease their transition into the cloud couldn't be simpler.

So in these posts I will be giving you a few hopefully helpful tips to support these groups to collaborate with you in the Autodesk 360 Cloud. Firstly I will consider your clients as they are probably the most important - after all it is their projects you are working on.

Your clients might be thinking about or looking at joining you on the cloud but not sure what the benefits are, here is your chance to show them the various features that will be useful to them and how it can enhance your working relationship.

After all the cloud provides instantaneous access to up to date designs, the most recent information and a vast array of tools and applications to comment on these designs with ease and as you know many more benefits which you can tailor to them.

Secondly, it is always essential to understand your clients concerns and questions about the cloud and their move to it but communicate to them that they will acquire a number of business advantages from working with your firm in the cloud.

The new digital reality presents instant scalability which allows you and your clients to expand the power that is available to you when wishing to render, change designs or upload data.

Your clients maybe worried about their data being safe when transferred in the cloud but try to inform them that their data is safe and so is yours using the security available on Autdoesk 360 Cloud and that there abundant recovery services available on the technology if anything does go wrong (which is highly unlikely).

Lastly collaborate with them to move your project with them to the cloud in short incremental steps to get them used to the process of working within the cloud slowly at a pace where they can understand it.

I hope that this gives you some advice on the way to collaborate with your clients in the cloud. In my next piece I'll be giving you a helping hand in guiding your colleagues to the cloud.

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