Colleagues to the cloudYour company right now obviously has certain ways of working and we know changing to a new way of operating and communicating can be difficult but the shift to the cloud doesn't have to be for your colleagues or teammates.

You and others in your office may be using the cloud in everyday life from enjoying your Apple devices to managing your finances which are relatively straight forward processes, right? So why is it that using the cloud for business worries people?

Hopefully in this blog post I will be able to give you some tips to help these people and the rest of your office start the transition to the cloud and to take further advantage of your Autodesk Subscriptions benefits.

Understandably not everyone is ready to reposition themselves to the cloud but show them that there is training available for this culture shift. Make sure that you take time to train them as well as recalibrating processes and overcoming learning curves.

Of course it is essential as it is with your clients (see Helping Your Clients Move To Autodesk 360 Cloud) to find out what their objections are to the cloud and to answer their concerns by showing them what the cloud can do.

Most of the time it can be as simple as showing them how they can increase their productivity - as they are probably spending a lot of time on conference calls or travelling to meetings which is removing essential time from the work they need to be doing.

Using the cloud would eliminate this wasted time as these tasks can be completed using the cloud. For instance using BIM 360 Glue (BIM 360 Glue - The Rise Of The Cloud) and BIM 360 Field (BIM 360 Field - Collaboration and Reporting In The Cloud) alongside PLM 360 they are able to share drawings with project participants, keep them up to date with all new information and comment as required.

This ultimately allows a more convenient way of working for everyone within your office/company as it instantly allows them to share their views and work with all project participants anywhere in the world via computer or mobile device.

Most importantly of all observe and revel in the amount of time you will have saved and the increased productivity in your company from implementing and using the cloud.

Last of all this process will not happen overnight it will be about employing the cloud incrementally. Primarily finding areas that the technology can have the most impact on with the least amount of effort so that there aren't too many colleagues affected in its initial implementation.

Don't forget to check out the next post in this series of move them to the cloud which I will be advising you on helping your senior management get on board with the cloud.

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