Senior Management to the cloudSo I've guided you through some tips and tricks on how to help your clients (Helping Your Clients Move To Autodesk 360 Cloud) and colleagues (Helping Your Colleagues Move To Autodesk 360 Cloud) move to the cloud and now it's time to talk about how you can help your senior management get comfortable with the idea of the cloud.

This will be slightly different from other groups as they are of course the ones in charge and will possibly have the final say on whether the company will use the cloud or not.

Whether it's an engineering, architecture, manufacturing or design/construction firm there is no doubt that your senior management are the ones that have led its growth and success or started the firm from nothing so they will expect return from implementing the cloud.

This means that you will have to make a business case for the cloud – your pitch could include proof from other companies or address the business challenges that the company faces and how the technology could help/eradicate these problems. This could either be in the short term or the long term but provide them with reasonable points and expect a number of questions.

Although you will be completing a pitch - like any other group moving to the cloud your senior management will have reservations (I know I've mentioned this before but it still applies). So your pitch should give you a chance to eliminate their worries.

Remember to point out that the cloud can increase productivity, establish a competitive edge, provide a number of benefits in terms of instant scalability and make sure to inform them that using the cloud to store and share information is extremely safe.

Don't forget to share your opinion on where you think the cloud will take the company. No management of any company will implement something if they don't feel like it will be beneficial in the long run, also by taking advantage of Autodesk cloud offerings they are also maximising their ROI on their Autodesk Subscriptions investment.

Providing them with an incremental plan of how the cloud could be implemented and how it will advance the company will help your senior management make an informed decision about the technology.

Best of luck with your pitch; make sure that you know what you are talking about by reading our Autodesk 360 Cloud blog posts.

To find out how to help your business partners move to the cloud keep an eye for my next and final post on helping them moving to the cloud.

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