Knowledgesmart recently released some really interesting results taken from their Skills Assessments for the top 5 products released by Autodesk. They have broken them down by country, score (%), and time taken on the exam. The results also look at the past 5 years.

The good news is that the UK have achieved a top 5 position on most of the products (out of 16 countries). For the full report please click here. Below is an extract that focuses on Revit Architecture, comparing Architects and BIM Managers. Some interesting results.......

Revit Architecture Skills Image

These results show that the average score hasn’t changed much in the past 12 months, however the time taken as decreased by 13mins!

Revit Advanced Statistics

From their results they have calculated that a firm increases productivity by 1% per person annually, that would gain an extra 2 working days per team member. If you multiply that by the ‘average’ company of 10 users, this can account for more than 20 working days a year! From a monetary perspective that is 1 months’ salary being wasted.

One of the key objectives for businesses today is to maximise productivity from their teams, but minimising the amount of re-work or time wasted trying to fine the right tool to perform a task. Knowledgesmart have been working on assessing staff for existing customers, and have established a great reputation in this area.

The question we get asked frequently, is what do we do with the results? And how do we get the most out of them? There are a couple of solutions that can be implemented following on from the exams.

1. Bespoke training courses – defined from the results

2. Bite sized online training – aligned to the results

Bespoke Training Courses – Graitec will analyse the results and put together a training plan that will ensure the user is trained on only the areas that are required. This firstly minimises their downtime, but also brings the cost of the training down, as less time is wasted.

If there are multiple results from different users, then a fully bespoke training agenda is written where users can dip in and out of the time slots allocated to the particular subject.

Bite Sized Online Training – Graitec have partnered with Global eTraining, who are aligned to the results of any Autodesk Knowledgesmart exam. This will ensure that only the specific areas required are covered.

In Summary – Training over the past couple of years has changed significantly in the way it is regarded by the customer, but also how it is delivered by a specialist. Historically, training has always been delivered as a standard 3-day course (for most products) followed by some intermediate/advanced training. In today’s world training is approached in a completely different way.

Training is and should always be focused around a project (either live, or being re-created). Sure, there is always a fundamentals course which gives the user an understanding of the interface and tools, however the real work starts when the project is being created. The majority of training delivered by Graitec today is based upon customer’s assessments or individual surveys for existing users, or a full training program for new users.

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