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How Secure Is Autodesk 360

Working in the cloud brings to light many questions not least of which revolve around about basic working processes and also web security aspects of using Autodesk 360 cloud services.

Autodesk-360mThis of course comes as no surprise in reality, especially when you consider that many businesses IP often represents the cornerstone of a company's success, and equally any businesses internal processes can often be paramount to their competitive edge.

It goes without saying therefore that any business is likely to be more than a little reticent to potentially expose these aspects outside of the company's network security wall, but is the fear of the perceived security risk of working in the cloud (Autodesk 360 or any other cloud service) stifling business growth.

Also, is the risk of working in the cloud any greater than that experienced working within the company's own internal IT infrastructure?

The evidence it seems would indicate that working in the cloud and using services such as Autodesk 360 is in fact far more secure that a majority of companies own IT networks.

In the information security breaches survey 2012 carried out by Infosecurity Europe,  and analysed by PWC  it was reported that a stunning 93% of large organisations and 76% of small businesses suffered security breaches last year alone.

The survey also goes on to report that remotely hosted services can save on the expensive outlay for servers, licences, and maintenance, particularly for small businesses, and that around a quarter of large organisations and one-fifth of small ones have extremely confidential data already hosted on the Internet which includes over 80% of manufacturing, leisure, retail and financial firms.

There is no denying the many potential business benefits that Autodesk 360 cloud services can deliver but if you want to learn more about Autodesk 360 security, or still have any concerns, an excellent reference document can be found here.

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