How to Accurately Select and Place AutoCAD Geometry from One Drawing to Another

Core elements AutoCADIn this AutoCAD video we will look at how to copy many objects from one drawing and place it in other drawings in the correct position.

We will use a range of different AutoCAD selection tools such as Design Center, Select Similar and the Quick Select tool that give you the power to select a range of objects by various definitions such as name, colour, type and layer.

Finally, we will show you how to place the selected geometry accurately into another drawing by exploring the clipboard tool.

The Design Center has been in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Lt for quite some time, as I remember, it was in AutoCAD 2010, maybe earlier, and is a hugely powerful tool that offers a drag and drop style content grabbing facility, even from drawings that are not open. Within AutoCAD Design Center we can inspect and select content by type such as Blocks, various annotation Styles and Layers.

Using this AutoCAD content explorer, we can copy preferred text & dimensions style from older drawings saving us the time of having to recreate those style.

Re-use previously created blocks, although using a Tool Palette for this is probably preferred, and we can drag across layers; this will provide consistency of naming conventions between drawings, e.g. Doors or doors or DOOR etc.

In a recent technical support request, we were asked, when dragging the layers across from a previous drawing revision to a new revision, because some company standard layers were missing, (perhaps a DWT would help here), how does it bring in the content from those layers as well?

In this video we explore and answer this question.

If you are looking to learn more about AutoCAD, Graitec offers a number of training courses for all abilities. Head over to our training page to find out more about the courses available or alternatively, get in touch with us today by clicking on the button below.

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