How to centre the text in the grid bubble using Advance Steel 2018

Recently I had a client who was concerned about the placement of the text in the grid bubble. He noticed that the text was not centred as he would have liked.

Fortunately, you are able to customize and adjust the text in Advance Steel 2018. The grid line text bubble can be modified from the Advance Steel Management tools “Default” category.

Simply select the “Use filter” box and type ball in the field just below.

Expand the Drawing-Presentation category and then the “General” subcategory.

You can further modify the balloon type for grids as well as the gap around the text in the X and Y direction. Furthermore, you can adjust the grid balloon radius.

advance steel grid bubble 2

Once the changes have been completed 'Load settings in Advance' and back in the model 'Update Defaults'. Look below to see the difference between before (left) and after (right) the changes:

advance steel grid bubble 3

To see how this is done please see the video:

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