If you have placed beams in Revit, you should be aware that they have a Reference Level that they are constrained to. If we look at the properties of that beam, you can see the Reference Level at the top. All well and good, but what if you wanted to change the ref level and move your beam? The problem we have is, the ref level option is greyed out so you cannot change it.

How to change the Reference Level of a Beam in Revit

Our only option now appears to be, delete that beam and place a new beam at the desired level.

But what if we had another option to change that beam’s ref level and move it?

Well we do have another option and its quite simple really, first select the beam, then on the Ribbon use Edit Work Plane. This will show the Work Plane dialog box, using the ‘Name’ option dropdown select a different work plane and the beam will move to that work plane and the ref level will now match.

Edit Work Plane

Work Plane Options

How to change the Reference Level of a Beam in Revit Result

I hope you have found this quick tip useful.

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