How To Compare Your Navisworks Models

Whilst working on a project, have you ever been provided with a model by someone and then received a revised model without being told what has changed? Fortunately, if you use Autodesk Navisworks there is a neat Compare tool that should help.

So, to start you would open your existing model, and then append the new revised version - as this model will probably be very similar you might not even notice that it's loaded in. As you can see it is hard to tell the difference. You will need to select both models in the Selection Tree.

navisworks compare models 1

Then go to Home Tab > Tools Panel > Compare

navisworks compare models 2

This dialog box gives you options to choose for the compare, so you could choose whether it's looking for differences in the geometry or just in the properties. Then for the results you could hide matched elements and highlight differences.

Make sure you note that the Overridden Material and Overridden Transform check boxes relate to changing the colour and transparency in Autodesk Navisworks, and changing a file's origin, scale or rotation since loading into Navisworks, respectively. These check boxes are clear by default, and all the other criteria relate to the properties of items from the original CAD model.

navisworks compare models 3

The highlighted elements are the elements that are different, as listed below:

White – matching elements

Red – elements with differences

Yellow – unmatched, existed in model 1 but not in model 2

Cyan – unmatched, exists in model 2 but not model 1

To get even more from your Navisworks workflows, check out the iConstruct extension. If you have any other enquiries please send us a message:

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