How to Copy Multiple Doors from One Revit Project to Another

Let’s say you working on a new project, and you need to start placing some doors (or Windows) and you remember that the doors you want are not already loaded in to the project but you know the doors you want were used on another previous project.

So how do we get all the doors that were placed in the other project in to the new project?

Well, we could just use Load Family and browse to load them all in, but what if some have been downloaded for that project and are in different locations, some could have been changed for that project and not saved.

We could of course use Transfer Project Standards, but that will copy across all the doors loaded in, including ones not used (placed) from that project. So, we need an easy way to get the used (placed) doors from one project to another.

My idea for this was:

1. Select everything in the 3D view, go to filter and just select doors, then use temp hide/isolate to isolate the doors (or any other method to have all the placed doors selected)
2. Then we just copy to clipboard.
3. Open the other model (the one where you want the doors) and paste. It doesn’t matter where you place them and click finish.

You will get a warning - Can't place inserts outside of hosts. These elements won't be copied. This is because the doors have no wall host.

Copy Multiple Doors from One Revit Project to Another

This will load the doors into your project, including any that were duplicated and edited in the original project but not saved.

Thanks for reading.

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