How To Create A Spiral Wall With Reducing Height In Revit

Have you ever wanted to create an object in Revit for which you cannot just utilise the standard tools, no matter how good these are? Occasionally, there will be elements of a design which will not fit the standard features of Autodesk Revit, thankfully, this flexible and powerful program enables you to create custom objects for your design.

I recently had a request from a customer for guidance on creating a stone spiral wall that reduces in height as is spirals. Revit’s standard Wall Tool is extremely helpful in automating the generation of walls, however it won’t be of much use for this shape, trust me.

Most people are aware that you can create bespoke items using Model In-Place when working in Revit, and so, I leveraged this tool to help my customer with the required shape.

spiral wall revit tutorial reducing height

I have created a short step-by-step tutorial to show you how was this feature wall created using Model In-Place. To download it, please fill in your details in the form below:

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