We know that Autodesk Revit schedules are very powerful - if we have modelled it then we can schedule it, and the information will be live and up to date. Revit schedules save us lots of time.

A lot of the schedule process is automated, but when it comes to presentation we might need to manually take control.

One thing we might need to adjust ourselves is the column widths in the schedule, and that can be done easily. In the Modify Schedule/Quantities view for your schedule, with one of the columns selected we get a resize button, which enables us to resize the column width.

revit schedule column widths 1

revit schedule column widths 2

revit schedule column widths 3

revit schedule column widths 4

But resizing the row height is a different thing altogether; as you will see the vertical Resize button is greyed out.

revit schedule column widths 5

This is because the height of rows is controlled by Body Text Size, under the appearance tab. So, we could just change the font height, and this will change the row height, although do note that this changes all the rows.

Another method is if you wish to change the row heights but to leave the text size in your cells as it is, you can use the following workaround:

Create a new field in Schedule Properties > Fields by adding a new text parameter to your schedule This will generate a new column in your schedule > Leave this column empty.

Select the new column, and then right click on it and select "Edit font".

In the Edit Font dialogue box, change the font size. This will change the font size in the blank cells in the column and will affect the row height, while leaving the font size in the other columns untouched.

However, you do have the additional blank column to deal with.

revit schedule column widths 6

There is another option for changing the row height when you add the image parameter, and add an image to the schedule and place the schedule on to a sheet. Click on the schedule in the sheet view and the Resize button will appear on the Modify Schedule Graphics Tab.

revit schedule column widths 7

revit schedule column widths 8

revit schedule column widths 9

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