How to Draw Multiple Lines in AutoCAD - Whitepaper

In a recent AutoCAD training course a question was asked. ‘Was it possible to draw several lines at once to represent, for example, the interior and exterior faces of a wall?’

The short answer is yes.

For many years AutoCAD has had a feature called multi-lines and using this we can even configure various Multi-line styles to represent different types of walls of varying build-ups and thicknesses.

The commands to access Multi-lines are now only available as Command Line instructions, however via the CUI, (Custom User Interface), they could be added to the Ribbon or perhaps, more easily, added to a Tool Palette, where they can still be used from the AutoCAD interface.

Download my informative whitepaper to learn about:

1. How to add Command line tools to a new Tool Palette.
2. Basic introduction to Multi Lines.
3. How to modify multi-lines, e.g. Wall Junctions
4. How to set-up custom MultiLines, e.g. For walls that feature external, internal and plaster wall build-ups.

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