How To Edit A Revit Circuit Path

In the past, when creating circuits in Autodesk Revit the circuit length was a figure that appeared in the circuit properties but which couldn't be edited. In Revit 2018 & 2019 you now have more control over the length of the circuit, as you can manipulate the path to suit.

Even though you won’t be using Revit to size cables in the UK, you should however be able to get more accurate circuit lengths based on model data, which you can then use in your cable calculations.

Once you have created your circuit, simply select it, and then in the ribbon you will see the option to ‘Edit Path’. You can also see on the Properties palette that the length has been calculated using the default (?) value.

revit circuit path 1

The image below shows the initial suggested circuit path, using the default values, which isn't ideal, as you can see!

revit circuit path 2

To start with we can look at changing the path mode from ‘Farthest Distance’ to ‘All Devices’, which will change the route as below.

revit circuit path 3

From here we can look at the path offset and match the containment run if applicable, or at least set it to the necessary height.

revit circuit path 4

You can now perform some basic manipulation of the path line as below. Do note that you are unable to add additional line and the grips are limited, so you may not be able to represent the routing exactly, but it will at least be a more accurate representation than it was.

revit circuit path 5

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