Revit Tips: Filter that Schedule or Take-off

Scheduling in Revit is exceedingly powerful – you can pretty much pull quantities for anything you need. Trouble is Revit can sometimes list items that you don’t require and this is where applying a Filter or two can come in very handy.

The example below shows a paint take-off for a specific wall only. Not only does it ignore all other walls in the model, but it also ignores materials which are within the physical layers (structure) of the wall.

Paint takeoff for specific wall image

This is achieved very easily:

Step 1. Add Property to Wall Style

Firstly, applying a Comment to the individual walls properties, thus giving it a property which is different to the other walls in the model.

Step 2. Apply Filters to the Material Take-off

Material Takeoff Properties Image

In this case the first filter makes the take-off only list materials which have been applied as a Paint and not any which are applied to the actual physical structure of the wall such as brick and plaster etc.

The second filter then ensures that only the wall which has had the comment added to its properties is used in the take-off.

HINT: As you don’t actually want the columns in the take-off listing ‘Material as a Paint’ and ‘Comments’, then set these to Hidden fields in the Formatting tab.

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