How To Get Certification For BIM Level 2

BIM has been around for years now, and with the government enforcing its adoption through their level 2 mandate, it is surprising to see that only 62% of the industry is leveraging this methodology.

According to the NBS National BIM Report 2017, one of the biggest factors preventing firms from adopting BIM is the lack of in-house expertise, lack of training and costs of implementation, leaving a lot of companies sitting on the cusp of adoption but not quite comfortable enough to take the first steps of the journey.

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Adopting BIM workflows and investing on the training and improvement of internal processes has proven to be hugely beneficial to companies of all sizes, some of the benefits observed include:

Just like any construction project one of the keystones to BIM success is robust planning and of course also building the right foundations. Unfortunately many businesses are not in a position to invest the resource or the time to navigate the very complex paths to effective BIM implementation. Hence many would welcome guidance to help them not only transition to BIM methodologies, but also to earn certification as BIM level 2 practitioners.

Graitec and BRE have partnered to help companies and individuals to do just that – by providing a holistic solution for your firm to adopt BIM and get the certification to prove your competency and provide peace of mind your potential customers.

Why BRE?

bre logo cmykBRE has been at the forefront of research and development of building standards and procedures since 1921, with the goal of 'Building a better world together' by improving building safety, sustainability and efficiency. Regarded as an authority in the UK and world-wide, BRE’s experts have a deep knowledge of the construction industry and the disciplines contained in it.

The path to certification that we’ve developed together will provide you and your team with full support in every step of the journey. Visit our BIM level 2 Certification page to learn more, or get in contact with our team to request more information through the link below:

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