How to Install the Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D

autocad civil 3d 2017 badgeThe AutoCAD Civil 3D install package comes with a number of sub-components which can be included to add additional functionality. Installing these Sub-Components is very easy and can be added during the initial Civil install or can be installed at a later date after the program has already been installed.

One of the most common Sub-Components I get asked about is the Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D and so I am writing this helpful guide on how to install it.

The Subassembly Composer

So here’s the scene, you’ve got AutoCAD Civil 3D installed on your computer. Maybe you installed yourself or maybe it was preloaded onto the Cad Workstation by your IT support team. Either way you come to use the Subassembly Composer and realise it is missing. You search online to see where you can download it from but you can’t find any downloads, so where do you go to?

Installing the Civil 3D Subassembly Composer

Being a subcomponent, just like other sub-components it can be installed when you install Civil 3D or at a later time by running the original installer again. This won’t reinstall the full application but it will allow you to add the Subassembly Composer to the already installed version.

TIP: If installing the subcomponent afterwards you will notice that the application will have a little green tick next to it and the installer will tell you this is already installed. This can be ignored, clicking on “Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D” will still allow you to expand the Subcomponents that you can continue to install:

If you installed the software yourself then a lot of the following is going to sound very familiar to you.

If you still have a copy of the initial install file please run this now. If you don’t have a copy of the installer for Civil 3D you can download them from the Autodesk Virtual Agent. Instructions & access to the Autodesk Virtual Agent can be found here.

Once you have downloaded the installer simply run the file to begin.

The first screen you come across will be for the license agreement, accept the license agreement and move on to the next screen.

Installing the Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D

You will see the Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D listed, ticking this box will allow the “Subassembly Composer” to be installed even if you have already installed Civil 3D on your computer. To return to the main screen click “Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D” again and the Sub-Components will minimise again. You will now notice that the option to click the “Install” button at the bottom of the window is available, clicking this will start the install of the Subassembly Composer.


Installing the Sub-Components is very easy and if you follow the above instructions you shouldn’t go wrong.

If you do get stuck, Graitec support customers can get further help by logging a support call. If you don’t currently have IT support with us but would like further information about our support options, click on the button below and one of our team will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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