How To Organise Content Using AutoCAD Content Browser

AutoCAD-TipsTo help find and organise AutoCAD content there is a tool called Content Browser.

Autodesk Content Browser is available in products such as AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP.

Essentially the Content Browser is a library of catalogues that lets you store, share and organise AutoCAD content, tools, and tool palettes.

The Content Browser can be used for a variety of tasks, the main reason, apart from organising yourself, is to make sure that all users in your company have access to and hopefully use the same tools. For example:

• Custom Product or Project Type Palettes
• Project & Office Specific Content
• Custom AutoCAD Architecture Styles
• AutoCAD Block Library & Hatches
• Standard Detail Libraries

Now you may be asking, OK how do I get to it? As normal, for AutoCAD, there's several ways to get to the command you want.

Autodesk Content Browser runs independently from the AutoCAD software, allowing you to exchange tools and tool palettes with other AutoCAD applications.

So outside of AutoCAD via the Start Menu in the Autodesk directories, you can accesss it via the AutoCAD Application menu search tool and the tools drop-down menu in AutoCAD, which is probably the easiest.

In this video we will be looking at how to find content from our AutoCAD package and add it to a custom tool palette.

keep in mind there are lots of other ways to use its organisation and sharing facilities that are worth looking into.

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