How to Recover an HP zBook from Recovery Media Without a DVD Drive

Demand of workstation laptops are that they need to be as powerful as possible (almost to the same level as desktop workstations) but still be portable and as thin as possible. The latest HP ZBook’s no longer include a CD/DVD to allow the fitting of more technology but keep within these requirements.

Let’s face it, there isn’t so much of a need for one anymore with so much software now available to download on demand. There is a downside to this though as anyone who has needed to restore a laptop from recovery media will know all too well. The recovery media that comes with the laptops is on DVD and therefore not much use without a DVD drive.

However, there is an answer. HP now make a tool available called “The HP Cloud Recovery Download Tool”. This is available from the support section of the HP website. You can run this tool on any computer, enter in your serial number and select the model from the list and then create the latest version of the media on a USB Stick. This includes the operating system and the driver recovery image.

HP Cloud Recovery Download Tool

The USB Stick that you use must be a minimum of 16GB and the tool will cover zBook G3 along with several EliteBook G3, EliteBook Folio, EliteDesk, EliteOne, ProBook, ProDesk and ProOne models.

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