"My AutoCAD isn't working, it was fine yesterday, what's happened?"How To Reset AutoCAD To Default Settings graphic This is a phrase, or something stronger, that we hear almost on a weekly basis. The list of issues range from crashing when opening a drawing, to refusing to print a sheet size that you could previously, or to display issues and many other anomalies.

Why these spontaneously happen is often a bit of a mystery and we could spend a long time trying to figure out why it has happened, ( I didn't mention it but it's often after a windows update!), but it is a better use of our time to just fix it, and there are consistently a small handful of techniques that are always worth trying in the first instance before delving deeper into the workings of AutoCAD. In this short series of articles we will explain how to use these fix for badly behaving AutoCAD.

Tip No 1 - Reset AutoCAD to its default settings.

This is a much easier thing to do than it sounds and it is quick. Resetting AutoCAD to its default settings cures many issues and in the guide I have put together it takes you through a step by step process, with pictures, how to Reset AutoCAD to default settings.

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