How to run a Revit Interference Check

Did you know that you can run an Autodesk Revit Interference Check as a basic clash check?

The Interference Check tool can find intersections amongst a set of selected elements or from all elements in the model. If desired, you can select the required elements in a view.

To get it started, click Collaborate tab> Coordinate panel> Interference Check drop-down> (Run Interference Check).

revit interference check cover

When the Interference Check dialog opens, if you selected any elements in the view, the dialog is filtered to display only those element categories. If you did not select any elements, the dialog displays all categories from the current project.

On the left side of the dialog, select Current Project, then select the desired categories. In my example, we'll select Structural Framing as the category. On the right side of the dialog, select the second Categories from drop-down. (This value could be a current selection of elements, the current project, or a linked Revit model). Select the desired categories and OK to run the check.

revit interference check 2

If there are no interferences a dialog window informs you of this. If there are interferences to report, the Interference Report dialog displays. This dialog lists all elements that conflict with one another. Because we cannot set any tolerance in Revit we would need Navisworks Manage, which has more in-depth capabilities for carrying out Clash Detection.

revit interference check 3

You can get a lot of useful additional functions with our Graitec PowerPack for Revit. Send us a message directly if you have any queries:

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