How To Save And Load Your Navisworks Workspace

You know the feeling when you open your software and all the docked windows are gone, and tools added to the Quick Access tool bar are missing too. Well in Autodesk Navisworks there's no need to worry as we can save and load our workspaces.

Workspaces retain information about which windows are open, their positions, and the size of the application window. They also retain changes made to the ribbon and to the Quick Access toolbar.

The workspaces can be shared with other users. You could, for example, create separate workspaces for occasional and power Navisworks users, or set up your own corporate standard.

navisworks workspace 1

navisworks workspace 2

To save click - View Tab> Workspace Panel > Save Workspace.

navisworks workspace 3

To load back in click - View Tab> Workspace Panel > Load Workspace.

navisworks workspace 4

Now all your previously docked widows are back.

navisworks workspace 5

I hope you found this tip useful; you can find out about our certified Autodesk training courses here. If you have any questions send us a message now:

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