How to Set Sheet Size in AutoCAD

In paper space the default sheet size is A4 but what if you want the sheet to be A3? We can easily change the sheet size in paper space to any size support by your plotter.

Here we have the default sheet on AutoCAD when we start a new drawing:

Default sheet on AutoCAD

We are currently on Layout1 but we will name this to A3 as this will be our A3 sheet.

To change the sheet to A3 we will need to go to the “Page Setup Manager”, this can be found in the ribbon bar in the “Output” tab:

Page Setup Manager

We now get the “Page Setup Manager” window. In here we can now see the sheet we have renamed to “A3”, selecting this sheet we next click the “Modify...” button to the right:

Page Setup Manager window

Clicking “Modify...” has now opened the “Page Setup” window, this is the same window you get when you plot except this saves the settings to the sheet:

Page Setup window

As you can see in the above image I have set the plotter as “DWG to PDF” and the paper size to ISO A3. Once your happy with the settings click the OK button to save the changes and then click Close on the Page Setup Manager window.

The sheet has now resized to A3:

Sheet resized to A3

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