How To Set Your Autodesk Revit Perspective View

One new feature that may have passed you by in Revit 2019 is the Projection Mode.

In previous versions you could not change the ‘Projection Mode’ of a 3D view. You would have to create a new camera view to get a perspective view, but now in 2019 you can change between Perspective and orthographic views.

revit perspective view 1

revit perspective view 2

 Another of the many handy new features is the ability to add double fill hatch patterns.

revit double fill hatch patterns 1

So, let’s say you have modelled an element and in plan you want to apply a hatch pattern. To do this, apply the hatch pattern as usual and then go to Edit Type. You can now apply two different hatch patterns, one for foreground and one for background and they can both have a different colour.

revit double fill hatch patterns 2

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