How to Share Revit Families - 3 Easy Steps

Revit-TipsHow do I share Revit families? A frequent question from many people and the good news is that Revit can easily do this providing consistency from project to project across different users.

Here’s how to distribute your company standard components throughout a practice.

This is a fairly simple process of copying your content libraries; both component and system families, placing them in an agreed location on your company file server that all Revit users have access to and then re-directing each Revit users’ software to the new default directory.

Step One - Identifying where family content is currently stored

The easiest way to learn this is from your Revit main or quick menu, click on open.

From the shortcut Places panel on the left, scroll down and click on Metric Library. The main window shows your local UK Content Library stored on your ‘c’ drive.Revit-Families-step1

Click on the drop down menu at the top, where it reads UK and then you will see where your content is stored.

With this knowledge you can now copy your required directory to your shared network directory.

What is a System family?

Essentially a System Family is just a Revit project file, an RVT. From your list of Content directories you should see System Families, open this directory and there are all the Revit system files it contains, you are free to open these, in each one will be examples and description of the families they contain. e.g. GBRENU_Walls.rvt

revit family

Step Two - How to reset the default family content file directory.

Open Revit Options, and click on the File Location Tab. In this area you can just click on any of the Path locations to release a browser button and then you can reset the path to the new shared location, e.g. on your file server, for your Template files.


Step Three - This is where we set our main Shared Family Templates.

To reset your default Content Libraries, click on the Places button. Listed in this new screen are the Library paths for your Metric Library we saw in Step 1.

Again, click on a path to show the browser button on the right and then you can reset the path to the new shared location.

That's it, job done.

Additional Bonus Tip

The Places button is a great place to set up your own short-cut place, so use it to get easy access to your project directories. Next time you click on open, you'll have direct access to your current projects in the bar on the left.

We hope you enjoyed the tip and if you need any help with Revit family creation or would like to discuss any of our Revit training courses please give us a call.

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