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Often, with larger buildings in Autodesk Revit, we need to split the building to have different parts of the building in separate views so they can be placed on different sheets at a usable scale, and the best way to achieve this is to duplicate the whole view using Duplicate as Dependant.

Creating Dependant Views

We do this twice or as many times as needed to break up the building into portions to achieve the desired scale on the sheet size we are using.

How To Split A Building Across Several Sheets And Work With Dimensions That Detail Across A Split View In Revit 1

Dependant views provide exact copies of the view we have copied from including the detailing, text, dimension, detail line etc. and these are active duplicates, in other words, anything you add in any of the views will also appear in all the other views within that duplicated set.

Once duplicated rename these with useful, descriptive names, e.g. North, East, West, Core etc. Notice that the dependant views appear in the browser as a sub element in the directory tree, off the master they have been copied from; a parent and child type relationship.

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