How to Stop Room Fills going to the Wall Centre Line

In Revit you might come across an issue with room fills going to the wall centre line despite the room boundary being the wall face, this can be the result of two settings which might need changing.

Color Scheme Location

The first setting to check is the “Color Scheme Location”, this can be found in the properties for the plan you are having the issue on under “Graphics”.

If this is set to “foreground” then you will need to change this to “Background”.

Color/Interior Fill

The second option is to check your Visibility Graphic settings. In Visibility Graphics you are able to alter how room fills behave and here is how to find and change these settings.

Firstly open Visibility Graphic (Keyboard Shortcut “VG”), on the “Model Categories” tab scroll down to “Rooms”.

Expand “Rooms”, here you will see “Color Fill” ticked. Unticking “Color Fill” and ticking “Interior Fill” will alter how your Rooms are filled and should stop the fill going to the wall centre line.

Your room boundaries should now be displaying correctly.

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