How to Synchronise your Windows Settings in the Cloud

If you ever need to work on another PC or laptop, have you ever wished you could have the same settings you are already familiar with on your main computer?

In Windows 10 you can synchronise your personal settings to a Microsoft Account to back these up and to allow you to sign in on another computer and keep your familiar setup. This includes any theme you have set, Internet Explorer settings, Internet passwords, Language settings and some other windows settings that are useful.

This works great on a standalone machine because you just sign in to windows using your Microsoft account and your good to go.

How do you achieve this though if you are on a domain?

It is very easy to do although not that obvious.

Once you are logged in to your domain account, click on the start menu and select settings.

Once into settings, go to “Accounts”.

Windows Settings Image

Select “Email & app accounts” on the left and then click on “Add a Microsoft account”.

Windows Settings Email App Accounts

Type in your Microsoft Account details.

Once complete, select “Sync your settings” on the left side.

Windows Settings Sync Image

Turn “Sync settings” on and then select the settings you would like to synchronise with your Microsoft account.

Once complete, you can do this on any other machine and the synchronised settings will be downloaded to the other machine and will always be backed up.

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