How to use a Parameter to control Drawing Status on a Revit Drawing Sheet

When creating an Autodesk Revit drawing sheet we have an option to use the Project Information (Manage Tab) to fill in predefined parameters which then automatically fill in the text in the title box on all the sheets we create.

One of these parameters is Project Status, which allows us to type in whatever we want to show for the Status - for example Tender Issue, Preliminary, Construction or As Built. Because this parameter is a Type parameter it affects all the drawings we create.

Whilst visiting a customer recently, they asked if it was possible to just have preliminary status with a red coloured circle and construction status with a green coloured circle to act like a traffic light system so that a quick glance at a drawing would let you see the colour and instantly know what the status was.

This is quite easy to do with a simple yes/no visibility parameter and a simple formula. First of all, we need to edit (or create) our drawing title block. For the status info, we then add some text and add a coloured circle for each status option.

revit drawing sheet 1

Now open the Family Types dialog and add a Yes/No parameter and name it Construction. Make sure it’s a Type and group it under Visibility. Repeat the process and create another, naming it Preliminary.

revit drawing sheet 2

Once the two parameters have been added we put a tick in the value for Construction and add the formula not(Construction) for Preliminary (note: the formula is case sensitive). Therefore, we only need one tick to control both parameters, so when Construction is ticked Preliminary isn’t ticked and vice versa.

revit drawing sheet 3

Select OK for the Family Types dialog, then select the Construction text and its coloured circle, and in properties under visible we click on the Associate Family Parameters button and select the corresponding Construction parameter. Repeat for the Preliminary text and associate it to its corresponding parameter.

revit drawing sheet 4

We now place the construction text, preliminary text and circles on top of each other before saving the family and loading it into a project.

When we create a new drawing sheet in the project using the title block we just created, we can now change the status by selecting the title block and edit type and ticking / unticking the construction value.

revit drawing sheet 5

This turns on or off the construction / preliminary text and its coloured circle as required.

revit drawing sheet 6

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