Many Advance Steel users work for sub-contract detailers who have many clients with different logos or entirely different drawing frames. It is nice and sometimes necessary that drawings are provided using the clients drawing border and / or logo. How can this be achieved easily?

As you are likely well aware Advance Steel uses a library of blank drawing sheets called Prototypes to make its drawings. Each time a drawing is created the relevant prototype is copied. To use the client’s border and logo would require a prototype with their border and logo on it. Rather than replacing your master set of prototypes it is much simpler to use Project Specific prototypes.

You simply need to copy the required prototypes into the project folder.

Advance Steel Project Specific Prototypes 1

The master set of prototypes can be found in the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2020\GBR\Shared\Support\Prototypes (swap GBR for the language code you have installed / use). You should copy these to a convenient location and edit as required to make a customer specific set. Do NOT change any file names.

The “project folder” is the folder named after the model file and is in the same path. In my image the project / model is called “2020practice.dwg”. You can create prototypes as required for any number of clients. When you do a project for a given client copy their prototypes into the project folder, renaming the folder to just “Prototypes”.

There is no need for ANY customisation or special settings inside Advance Steel, as it always looks for the requested prototype in the project folder and uses it if found. Therefore, it will always find the client specific one first. If it doesn’t find the prototype in the project folder it users the master copy in the Advance Steel data folder (under Program Data). So when working on a project requiring your own logos etc. you simply do not copy a client specific set.

In this way it is very simple to swap between projects for different clients without worrying about changing any settings or switching out files to get the correct drawing frames. Each project automatically gets the right set. Just copy the prototypes once before doing the drawing for the project and everything after that takes care of itself.

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