How to use Advance Steel Transform Properties to update multiple joints simultaneously

It is not unusual that the parameters of a joint need to change after it has been created in a model. It is also quite likely that you will have many similar joints and they will all need to change in the same way. How can this be achieved easily?

If you feel certain joints should always match then it might be a good idea to use the Joint Group functionality to link joints together. Then when you change the master joint in a group all the others will change in the same way instantly. What happens, though, if you do not have a joint group? All is not lost. This is when the Advance Steel Transfer Properties command comes to the rescue.


advance steel transform properties 1

Take this screenshot as an example. We need to change all the haunch joints to match the one on the front left, but they are not a joint group. It could take ages to edit each joint individually and there may be errors. Instead proceed as follows:-

• On the ribbon select Extended Modelling > Joint Utilities > Transfer Properties
• Select all the joints you wish to change (any one piece or joint box for each joint is enough).
• Accept or complete the selection (enter or right click)
• Select the example joint (any piece or the joint box) – no need to accept.
• Bingo! All your joints will update to match.


advance steel transform properties 2

This can take a few moments but it's still much faster than editing each joint separately. However, be careful not to pick joints that you don’t want to change or they can give strange or unexpected results.

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