How to use AutoCAD 3D Data as equipment

AutoCAD 3D Data as Equipment

If you get a model which allows you to use AutoCAD 3D Data as equipment, it is very simple to do.

Copy the 3D data, preferably not as a block, into the plant design. To convert the 3D model, use the Convert Equipment icon in the Equipment tab.

Select the 3D data that is the equipment, and select the Convert Equipment. The system will then prompt for the equipment type and the insertion point. You can now add all the usual properties associated with that equipment type, such as a tag, and then add nozzles.

The only difficulty arises if you wish to edit the shape after the conversion. You can't, as the 3D data is converted into a block when the conversion happens, and the block cannot be edited as it is a plant asset.

Fortunately this can be dealt with easily - before converting to make the data into a block, give it a name, and then after conversion the block can be edited by selecting its name. After exiting the block edit, all the assets created with the block under the same name will be updated automatically.

AutoCAD 3D Data Convert Equipment

But what about if you have already put it in, how can it be edited then? A nice little trick is to copy the piece of equipment first, and then place it somewhere on the drawing. Explode the copy once. This will give you a block that can now be edited. Once you have edited the block, the plant 3D equipment will update to reflect the edits.

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