How to Use Filters in View Templates in a Revit Structure Model

When we use Autodesk Revit for the design of the structural fabric of a building there are many useful tools built in to Revit to help us, one of those that I am going to focus on in this mini tutorial is using Filters within a view template, the advantages and some typical examples of how they can be used.

The use of filters allows us to quickly identify and FILTER out items within our model.

For example, we could set up a number of filters for Structural Materials so we can view all the Steel members or all the Concrete elements in our project. This can then aid modification or amendment of those elements, or maybe we simply want several views each displaying different structural materials.

First of all, I would create a Structural Revit model as normal, placing steel or concrete columns and beams, concrete foundations and floors we can have different grades of Steel and concrete, the more grades we have the more filters we will need to create (i.e. one for each structural material).

For this tutorial example, I will use a 3D view of the structural model created using multiple grades of Steel and Concrete.

You can download the tutorial for free by simply completing the form below. Have fun and please like or share this post for other Revit users to help improve their knowledge.

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