How to use Thickening with the Revit Structure Slab Edge tool

The Revit Structure Slab Edge tool allows us to create thickened portions of slabs which are typically located at the boundaries of floors. A slab edge type is composed of a profile family and a material assignment. It is important that the material assignment of the slab edge matches that of the floor to which the slab edge is applied, as this ensures proper joining of geometry.

Once a foundation slab or floor has been created, we can apply slab edges to the required floor boundary.

revit structure slab edge 1

To apply the thickening we click on the bottom edge of the floor, and we can then edit the Horizontal offset.

revit structure slab edge 2revit structure slab edge 3We then need to make sure that both the Floor and Slab Edge thickening are the same material by selecting each element in turn and going to Edit Type in the Properties window.

revit structure slab edge 4

We then join the two using the Modify Tab> Geometry Panel>Join Geometry tool.

revit structure slab edge 5


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