How To Use Revit To Render In The Cloud And View Panoramas On Your Phone

Revit is a very powerful design tool that can also produce high quality rendered images. Although It will never compete with 3ds Max, not everyone wants or needs photo realistic images, and often a good quality image out of Revit is more then enough.

For example, if you are on site or at a customer’s office and you want to let the customer see your Revit model on their phone, it can be handy to have an image created with Revit, using the process below.

Revit Panoramas 1

In the following dialog box set the output type, quality and image size. For this tip I am going to focus on Panorama for the output type. As you can see I can do a standard quality render for 0 credits and it will take approx. 10 minutes. When I’m ready I click Render.

Revit Panoramas 2

To see the finished render I go to the sign in drop down where you can see Render Progress - I click on this and it will take me to my renderings gallery, where I can see previous cloud rendered projects.

Revit Panoramas 3

Revit Panoramas 4

I then click on the panorama that has just been created, and once that opens I can rotate using a mouse to look around in that view, but I can’t change the original camera position.

Revit Panoramas 5

I can also open the panorama on a phone or share the image. This works best on an iPhone, where you can just go in to the camera and hold it up the to QR code and a notification banner will appear at the top of the phone. By tapping the banner it will open the panorama view on the phone; I can rotate around in the view either with a finger swipe or just by moving the phone around (like a static VR).

Revit Panoramas 6

If you are looking for extra functionality for your BIM projects, look no further than the Graitec Powerpack for Revit. If you have any questions, please send us a message now:

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