The Audits tool is a powerful feature in the iConstruct Navisworks Extension for quickly creating viewpoints and selection sets based on model properties and/or predetermined search criteria (search sets).

You can utilize predetermined search sets within your model.

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Alternatively, you can take advantage of iConstruct’s auto filtering option, to identify and isolate model geometry based on the information within.

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We start by configuring the Audits we wish to run; this is accessed under General Configuration > Audits Configuration.

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We then set up the Audit by either using pre-defined search sets or by using the auto filtering. If we are using search sets, we need to export our search sets (this creates an xml file). We load this into the configurator, then each set we wish to use can be added via a drop down. Then we configure a colour to be applied to the selection set.

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To set up using the auto filtering options, we select an object in the view and use Get NW Props. This gives us access to the properties we need, and we select a property from a drop down e.g. System Type and a value e.g. Name.

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A new Audits Tab will have appeared in the iConstruct dialog window where we can select an Audit to run.

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After running the Audit, you will see a new folder with a list of Selection sets in the Sets window, and a new folder with a list of viewpoints in the Saved Viewpoints window. Both folders will be named based upon the Audit name.

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If we browse through the new viewpoints we can see the viewpoints which just show the items based on the filter or search sets depending on which way you set up the Audit.

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